Burton Wold Wind Farm

Burton Wold Wind Farm was built in 2005 and went in to operation 2006


In 2006, a number of houses in Burton Latimer were affected by the chopping of the analogue terrestrial television signal. To resolve this Crystal Electronics were employed by the wind farm to review all occurrences and to install alternative equipment at all affected properties. These were given an extended warranty of 3 years.


It has come to the attention of the wind farm that new issues are being reported. It is most likely that these issues are due to the television viewing hardware being out of warranty (typically less than 3 years). Please also be aware that the new 4G mobile phone system has started to go live. This involves the activation of 6,000 masts between July and December 2013 which has been predicted to cause reduced or loss of terrestrial television signal to more than one million homes.

For information please go to https://at800.tv/

The BBC have also made comments at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17125468

If you think your problem is something other than faulty hardware or 4G interference, please contact Crystal Electronics on 0800 328 6135 who will be happy to discuss this with you

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